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Two of the forbidden topics..Religion and Politics

When some try to complain about the way Christians use political means to change society to their liking, there are often references to the Crusades.

While the Crusades were for a long time thought of as the attempt of the Christian Church to force its’ religious beliefs on the Muslim world, in fact they are now seen as something entirely different.  Christians were actually trying to win back lands they considered holy (Jerusalem, etc) from the Muslim Turks at that time. (1095-1291).

However, there were many more attempts to convert the so called pagans to Christianity, many of them using force, and most of them in many ways unsuccessful. In many cases the indigenous people just incorporated some Christian practices into their own religions.

Even the Christian Church itself could not agree on many principals, leading to the East-West split at about 1054, resulting in the Roman Catholic Church  and the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Later the Protestant Reformation formed yet another branch of the Christian Church.

None of this even begins to address the numerous other faiths that exist in the United States.

However, it is a background to my thoughts on the current state of affairs in US Politics.  Why do so many politicians assume that being a Christian and offering to bring their religious values to the office they are seeking is a good thing?

I will readily admit that I did not always pay attention in History class.  However, I am almost positive that The United States of America was founded on the belief of separation of Church and State, and the  refusal to adopt a national religion.

My biggest complaint is with the various religious groups who insist on campaigning from the pulpit, either for a specific candidate, or a specific party in general.

Recently a pastor stated that they felt if a person did not support the views of a major party, he was in doubt of that persons “salvation”.  While I agree that anyone can have a personal belief, I object to that belief being used as a political tool in a building that is given tax exempt status from the very government they are trying to control.

Like a particular political party or candidate,? As a private party, have at it, in any discussion you choose.  Disagree with the ideas of another party or candidate, same thing applies.  But do not do it as the leader of a congregation.  Or, if you feel that strongly, you are always welcome to refuse tax exempt status as a church, and campaign for any one or thing you like.

I also find it personally offensive to be told that because I do not support the same candidate as you do, that my religious beliefs are somehow called into question.

I firmly believe that I do not have the right to legislate my religious beliefs into law for others on many topics.

Abortion is a big one.  My next post will address that in a personal way!

And, yes, I am fully prepared for a firestorm of protests.

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Fresh off the top of my head

This is my first attempt at a blog, so please bear with me.  For those of you who know me, it will come as no surprise that I can be quite long winded.

Several recent events have precipitated my desire to blog.  The first is my increasing dislike of the changes made on Facebook.  The second is my desire to express my opinions without censorship by third parties on any discussion I may want to have with those who agree or disagree with my views in a tolerant way.  Third is a recent experience with religious intolerance.

So…if you are open minded, like to debate ideas, and want to know, even if in just a vague way, what a 67 year old female citizen of this planet thinks….come along for the ride.

I can promise you it won’t be boring!

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